Download Raid Shadow Riders For PC & Windows (Latest)

Gaming is very famous among the youth nowadays and from gaming, we are talking about the video games being played extensively by children by abandoning the physical they use to do outside the house and spending most of their time on electronic devices. This culture has developed very fast and now children are addicted to video games.

Many games including Raid Shadow Riders for PC have been introduced recently and most of them have gained popularity in no time and are being played repeatedly and are getting more and more users daily.

RAID is also a snowmobile gaming application which can be installed on the mobile phone and the gameplay can be enjoyed.

The popularity of the game is due to its graphics and the gameplay it offers to the players. This is the reason the players get addicted to the game. The battle royale experience is great in the game.

Name:Raid Shadow Riders For PC
Size:82 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free
Download Raid Shadow Riders For PC & Windows (Latest)

Features of Raid Shadow Riders For PC:

1. Player development:

You can design your player and decide what the should look like and what dress he should wear and what should be his speciality and what the special weapon he uses and all the specs related to your player.

2. Variety of players:

The game offers a wide variety of players and you can select from over 500 players and select which over you wanna play within the game. 

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2. PVP battles:

The game brings the experience of PVP battles and you get to fight the deadliest devils designed for the game which makes the game more interesting and exciting and you can have a great experience of a battle royale.

4. 3D-Graphics: 

Throughout the game, you get to experience 3D-Graphics and the game interface is so fancy and interesting. The graphics designed are very rich and always satisfy the colour saturation.

5. Story:

The story campaign mode is another interesting feature of the game where you have to roleplay for a story and behave like the character in the story and play accordingly which sounds exciting.  

Steps To Download Smartlife For PC

Since an official pc version of Raid shadow legends has not been released yet so if you want to play Raid shadow legends on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. Download an android emulator named NoxPlayer.
  2. Install it on your pc.
  3. Access the google play store from the emulator.
  4. Download RAID from the google play store.
  5. Install it on your pc.
  6. Now you can play the game by launching it with nox player.

Alternatives For Raid Shadow Legends For PC

1. FIFA:

Based on a very famous game football the game is very popular and has gained a lot of users in very less time and has attracted the youth especially because of its attractive interface and gameplay.

2. BGMI:

It is the most popular game ever developed and is a downloaded game in the mobile gaming sector.

Be it youth or be it big streamers everyone has played this game and has left every game behind in the race.

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3. COD:

Based on the pc game cod, it is a battle royale game and has been developed to provide mobile gamers with the experience of the cod gameplay with their mobile phones as they do not have any pc to play.    

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I play Raid shadow legends on pc?

Ans. yes we can raid shadow legends on pc and can be installed easily on the pc once you match the min, al specs required.

Q2. How can I install raid shadow legends on my pc?

Ans. raid shadow legends can be downloaded from the official webpage or the website known as Plarium. 

Q3. How many GB is a raid on pc?

Ans. Raid requires 5 GB after installation on the pc so there must be at least 5 GB available on your pc to play the game.

Q4. How much data does the game use?

Ans. The game uses on an average 2 gigabytes of data in an hour and needs an active internet connection with good speed 

Q5. Is the raid game free?

Ans. Yes, the game is free on the google play store and can be downloaded from it and played without fees.


Raid shadow legend is a great application for gaming enthusiasts and is offering a thrilling and adventurous experience to gamers.

The user interface and the game design and graphics are all the more attractive and attract gamers easily.

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