Notability fo Windows PC | Free Download 2023

If you’re looking for an app which can help you quickly jot down notes in a creative manner, Notability is exactly what you need. 

This guide will help you understand more about Notability and how you can use it on your PC. 

Name:Notability For PC
Size:81 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free

What is Notability? 

Notability is a powerful application which allows simple note taking as well as annotation. It is used to get the best note taking experience for all kinds of users. 

It is a popular app with an intuitive interface that is available on Apple devices. 

Presenting and sharing notes is done very easily with Notability in a time saving, efficient way. 

How can you Download Notability for PC? 

  1. In order to download Notability on your PC, an emulator has to be installed first. The BlueStacks emulator is a great choice and you can easily download it on your PC from the official website. 
  1. After BlueStacks has been downloaded on your PC from the official website by clicking the download button, open it and run it on your PC. 
  1. Sign in to your Google account with your details and open the Google PlayStore from there. 
  1. Search for Notability with the search bar given at the top and wait for the results to show up.
  1. Click on the app once it appears and press the install button provided there. 
  1. Wait for the installation process to be completed and once it is done, open the app and run it on your PC. You can now use Notability at any time on your PC.
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What are the Features of Notability? 

  • Editing and creating notes can be done very easily in a quick manner. 
  • Signing and completing documents can be done.
  • You can easily share the documents created in notability.
  • There is an enhanced page manager which allows you to apply bulk actions and features across many different pages
  • Users can easily import PDFs without any hassle. 
  • Your notes can be locked and secured by using the Touch ID available. 
  • Drawings as well as imported images can be combined and presented in the notes. 
  • The flexible organization present helps make organizing the library of notes much simpler.
  • Hand crafter templates can be used to take different kinds of notes. 
  • The user-friendly screen that is present lets you make sketches. 
  • This app helps you become paper free and notes can be taken at any time.
  • Notability also has multi-note support and allows audio recording.
  • Management of documents is very straightforward in this app and it is done in an instantaneous manner.

What are some of the Alternatives of Notability?

Microsoft OneNote – 

This is a digital notebook app which is a part of the Microsoft office suite. It contains shared notebooks and syncing can be done on different devices. 

Organizing data can be done very easily with OneNote and it has been designed specifically for information storage as well as research. 

Web content, articles and much more can be shared with this app.

There are also sticky notes available for users to quickly note down points.

NoteLedge – 

NoteLedge is an application that is known to be intuitive and user friendly. Sketching, journaling and note taking are some of the main reasons this app is used. 

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You can take notes and visualize mood boards for inspiration and creativity. 

There are powerful multimedia tools available to take notes and add annotations when required. 

Zoho Notebook – 

Zoho Notebook is a great choice for users who want a digital Notebook app that syncs automatically to their cloud and allows you to share and collaborate securely in an exclusive manner. 

Different types of content can be created with Zoho Notebook and all your information can be collectively managed in one place. 

FAQs – 

Q1: Is Notability safe to use and download?

Ans:Yes. It is known to be fully safe and secure to be used.

Q2: Will you lose your notes if you delete Notability? 

Ans: Notability backs up your notes to a cloud storage service and the backup copy does not get deleted even if the note is deleted. 

Q3: Does Notability save notes offline?

Ans: Internet access is not needed for Notability to operate. 

Q4: Is Notability free to be used? 

Ans: Notability is free for use but premium features can be accessed through a subscription.

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