Download Logic Pro X for PC Windows & macOS (2023)

Apple’s professional audio-producing program Logic Pro X for PC comes with top-notch audio samples and loops, world-class electronic instruments, effects, and audio recording capability that all are included in the $199 suite.

In recent revisions to the suite, Apple has clearly focused on creators of well-known mainstream genres with Logic Pro X, including tools particular to electronic music and hip-hop sound production.

With professional songwriting, beat making, editing, and mixing, Logic Pro X upgraded to Flex Pitch, a fully integrated bespoke audio pitch modification tool, and drummer, an automated beat-creation device.

The latest version: Logic Pro X for pc is one of the top software suites in the recording business right now.

Name:Logic Pro X for PC
Size:33 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free
Download Logic Pro X for PC Windows & macOS (2022)

Features of the Logic Pro X For PC

1. Plug-ins enhanced for Spatial audio:

Enclosed pug-ins offer all the tools necessary to produce a skilled panoramic mix and are designed to operate in Dolby Atmos.

2. Live Loops:

Utilize a matrix of musical loops and themes to explore musical concepts while triggering and modifying them in real-time to produce your own tracks.

3. Remix FX:

With Reflections, Stutters, mixers, and gating techniques for DJ-style effects and transition to a single track or a whole mix.

4. Key Commands:

With Logic Pro X Key Commands one can compose at the speed of sound. Make your own customized collection of commands or else pick from curated ones for better.

5. Track Stacks:

Produce a single track out of several connected tracks. To easily build submixes use the summing stack. Alternately, make split and tiered instruments.

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And many other features/ effects are now available for the users to produce/ compose a mix/track in a quirky-fun way.

Install Logic Pro X on WindowsFirst step

1. You need to download macOS High Sierra File from any reliable web source and download the file, extract it into a folder using the extracting software WinRAR.

2. Enable the virtualization option, next locate and access the PC BIOS. Visit the webpage of VirtualBox and download the latest version for Windows.

After the compilation, follow the on-screen instruction to set up the VirtualBox.

3. Now set up a virtual machine or virtual environment. The option to build a machine must be selected in the VirtualBox program. Make a NEW selection by clicking after selecting “CREATE A MACHINE.”

Choose macOS 10.13 High Sierra 64-bit from the version menu and provide a name.

Following completion of the previous processes, you will be prompted to select RAM (recommended that Virtual Machine use 4 GB of RAM).

A virtual hard disc file might be utilized when it comes to the hard drive and a dialogue box will appear; pick the ADD option and then pick macOS High Sierra from there.

Once the set-up of a virtual environment is done, you need to select the number of processors. You have to open the CMD and type commands.

By Changing the “Machine Name” with the name of your Virtual Machine. This all will help you to successfully install macOS.

4. To download Logic Pro X now go to the app store on your Windows virtual machine, search on the bar for Logic Pro X and download right away. Once you see it installed, Go ahead and use the Logic Pro X.

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Alternatives for Logic Pro X

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the Logic Pro X:


Cubase provides affordable, basic, and complex channel panels. It has a direct module channel assignment.

Mixing is a breeze because you only need your keyboard. Additionally, it features a screen reader as well.


Steinberg Nuendo has native Dolby Atmos workflow compatibility. Top production teams frequently employ Neudo for a variety of purposes including music, television, and more.


An excellent alternative that supports Dolby Atmos music, but it also has native workflow support rather than requiring you to install a plugin.

Recordings with many tracks are faster. And reportedly, the only digital audio workstation that enables you to produce music that human ears perceive as analog.


Q1. Is there a free version of Logic Pro X?

Ans: Yes, there is a 90-day trial of the latest version of Logic Pro.

Q2. IS Logic Pro X the best DAW?

Ans: Logic Pro X has been leading among the other software.

Q3. Is Logic Pro a one-time purchase?

Ans: Yes, One can purchase with a one-time payment of $199.99 USD.


Logic Pro X provides better features for recording and song mixing using a huge library of free downloadable loops and digital instruments. It is a straightforward program with many capabilities in the new version. If you are a Mac user, then totally should go for this music production software. It is also reasonably priced and produces an output of professional quality.

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