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With the emergence of social media, everyone likes to be active on social media handles and make a presentation of them on social media handles.

Many videos are posted regularly on social media platforms, and people like to share their everyday experiences with the audience watching them.

In the last few years, this culture has boomed a lot, and more and more traffic is being experienced on social media handles every day. 

Nowadays, it feels like a necessity for some people to post their videos on social media.

With such a large engagement creators have to post regularly and to accomplish that the creators need a tool that can help them edit the videos fast so that they do not lack behind other creators, to help them achieve this iMovie for pc has been designed for video editing.

Name:iMovie For PC
Size:38 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free

With a user-friendly interface, iMovie provides many features so that the final result is the best possible.

With such an interface that a rookie would also get to use with just a single use,iMovie is a good option for video editing.

With over 15 video editing features and a wide variety of music choices, and a large no.of transitions and video effects, iMovie is the video editing application you have been searching for, making your work so easy with the button panel as all the effects are just a click away from the same panel, it would make your video editing process much easier than before.

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Features of iMovie For PC:

1. Video Compressor:

Using the video compressor, you could compress videos such that the videos are in the perfect format for uploading on whichever platform you would like to, and the videos are in the prescribed format.

2. Video to gif:

This feature can be used to convert videos to gifs, such a unique feature to experience in a video editing app. saving you time by giving you the direct option to convert videos into gifs so that you don’t have to design the gifs separately.

3. Video to mp3:

Another unique imovie offers is the option to convert videos to mp3. Video converted to mp3 in just a click, saving so much time imovie is a great option for video editing.

4. Video cropper: 

Another basic but very useful feature is the video cropper feature which helps you crop the length of the video and keep the length of the video as much as you want it.   

5. User-friendly:

The whole interface design is extremely user-friendly and with just a single use anyone would get used to the interface and would never face any problem while using the application.

Steps To Download iMovie for PC:

Since an official pc version of IMovie has not been released yet so if you want to use iMovie on your pc you should follow the following steps:

1. Firstly you will need an android emulator named Bluestacks.

2. Download bluestacks from the bluestacks website.

3. Now install it on your system.

4. After installing bluestacks go to its app player.

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5. Access the play store for the app player.

6. Download imovie from the play store.

7. Install it on your device.

8. Now you can use it on your pc using the app player.

Alternatives for iMovie for pc:

1. Kinemaster:

With already a large no.of active users kinemaster is already too famous among video creators and editors and has over 100m+ downloads.

The features it offers like the music options, transitions etc are believed to be the best that is the reason it has such a huge user base.

2. FilmoraGo:

Due to its release in the early times of video creation, the film has also had a large no.of loyal users for a long time.

As filmora has been updated from time to time its users are still using it as the features are always increased in the updates.

3. Magisto:

Being a video editor and music slideshow maker application it also has been a choice for many creators for a very long, with all the complex features of video editing it has been popular among social media creators and still is being used by a lot of creators. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Imovie free?

Ans. Imovie is available for free use and is very easy to use too and good content can be created using it.

Q2. What is the Windows version of imovie?

Ans. Windows movie maker is an application which is equivalent to iMovie and can compete at par with it.

Q3. Is iMovie better than Windows movie maker?

Ans. Yes imovie is always considered to be better than the windows movie maker and is believed to provide better services

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Q4. Can we add music to the videos using imovie?

Ans. music can be added to videos by selecting the music from the pre-installed library and can be used in the video.

Q5. Does Imovie have a pc version?

Ans. Imovie does not have a pc version but it can be used on a pc using android emulators like bluestacks.


Imovie is a good option for video editing and the usp to it is the user-friendly working model of the application, the button panel on the editing window helps us access all features instantly in just a click and is very easy to use.   

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