Hik Connect for PC – Windows 7/10/11 | Free Version

Hik vision has been making high-quality security devices for a long time now. The devices are AI-powered which can be controlled from your smartphones.

It has been developed by  Hik vision for controlling the security and smart cameras made by them. Easing the process for the customers, hik connect for pc has made it very easy to safegaurd your home.

So, let’s see how to download the application and some of the unique features that it offers:

Name:Hik Connect for PC
Size:11 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free
Hik connect for pc

How to download Hik connect for windows?

1. Download bluestacks from google.

2. Bluestacks can be downloaded from its official website.

3. Install it on your device.

4. After installing it on your device access google play from it.

5. Download Hik connect from the play store.

6. Now you can use the application on your pc using this emulator.

How to download Hik connect for mac?

1. Download the android emulator named as Nox Player.

2. Install it on your device.

3. Now using the emulator access the search bar.

4. Find and download the application from the search bar.

5. Hik connect is installed on your pc.

6. Now you can use it for checking the smart CCTV cameras.

Features of the application:

Hik connect for Windows

Listed below are some features of the application:

  • User-friendly interface:

The usp of the app is its interface which is user-friendly. No members of the house would face any problem while using it.  The app controls your cameras and anyone can learn the interface with just few hours of use.

  • Device Compatibility:
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As there are no smart cameras that cannot be controlled using the app, this makes it the universal choice for the control of CCTV cameras. It can be used to control all types of CCTV cameras and it performs very well in every situation.

  • Recent live view :

A unique feature that Hik connect has introduced, using which you can see the recent live view that the CCTV camera recorded. The feature is to see the latest scenes happening at the location.

  • Notification alerts:

With the Hik connect app, you can also keep a track of every notification. The app will automaically notify you if any unwanted or disturbing situation happens.

  • Multiple devices:

You can control multiple cameras at different locations from this application. So this eases up your process a lot as you can take care of all the devices at a single time. This is the best feature of the app as it helps the users a lot.

Alternatives of Hik connect for pc:


With the connectivity to all the smart home devices, its popularity has no limits among the users and has seen immense growth across the world. As with the smart cameras it can also control other devices which makes it a great choice for the customers.


Developed by the Mahindra organisation it has attracted a lot of users towards itself. Everyone believes that the application must be well-performing. The application truly is seamless and has many positive reviews from users.

Smart things classic:

With worldwide popularity, it’s one of the most used applications for controlling smart devices. Its fast reaction methodology has made it all the more popular across every nation. The delay experienced in other applications while controlling the smart devices is never seen in this app.

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Q1. Is there a Hik Connect for PC?

Ans. There is not an official version of Hik for pc but it can be used on a pc using any android emulator.

Q2. How can I watch hikvision live on PC?

Ans. You can watch Hikvision live on pc by installing the application on your pc and using it with an android emulator.

Q3. Where can I download Hik connect?

Ans. The application can be downloaded from the google play store as it has been released there

Q4. How to install Hik-Connect?

Ans. You can get it by downloading it from play store and then installing the setup downloaded.

Q5. Is Hik-Connect still available?

Ans. Yes, Hik connect application is still available on the google play store and can be downloaded from there.

The Bottom Line

It is a very useful application. It can be used to control the cameras designed by Hik vision. It offers a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. It provides you with the comfort to control your smart devices from the comfort of your smartphone.

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