Gechic 1303I Portable Monitor Review of 2021

Gechic 1303I has VGA inputs that are compatible with a number of devices. You can use it with anything from your laptop to your cell phone, mini PC, DSLR cameras and other similar specification devices.

You also get great sound value with dual built-in speakers, it has 1920*1080 high-quality resolution, its light weighing in at only 2 lbs., and it’s portable at a length of only 1.1cm.

This 13.3-inch portable monitor has HDMI input as well, it’s the latest and has the highest resolution capabilities. The true color display capability puts it in a class of its own giving it was is perhaps the most precise color projection in the market.

Its touchscreen functions are compatible with Windows 7 through 10. It’s a USB powered monitor, with screen performance capabilities that are unmatched by similar devices.

The 1303I’s plug-and-play functionality eliminates the needs for drivers, this allows you to plug and use easily with both Mac and Windows based computers as a secondary monitor (dual-monitor set-up). It can also be used as a solution for digital signage.

The 1303I’s super-wide viewing angles (174 degrees) allows viewing from any angle. The colors can easily be adjusted to suit your preferences by making use of the color adjustment buttons found by the side and don’t forget to take advantage of the cover stand to support it to be as like on a table stand.

In addition to this great color display, the portable monitor can be connected to your cameras which would allow you to take control of the picture viewing. The display on the monitor would help to see what your camera is focused on and thus, help in adjusting the focus as needed and can be supported as well on a tripod stand for an easier, flexible work environment.

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The 1303I also comes with a cover stand, USB cable, HDMI cable 5V-2A adapter, and a user manual with optional additional accessories of mini-Display Port video cable and VGA video cable of 120 cm in length, a protective sleeve and a mini HDMI to HDMI video cable of 210 cm in length that can be gotten if needed.

Unique Features of Gechic 1303

gechic monitor

  • Multiple connection capability is one of the very key features of any portable touchscreen, being able to sync it to any device makes transferring files quick and easy. With HDMI and VGA input ports, the 1303I converts into a great digital signature for any compatible device.
  • The Ten-Finger Multi-Touch Technology allows for easy selection, handwriting, expansion, quick scrolling and drawing to be done on the monitor as if on a keyboard. You can use the 1303I as an external monitor with a laptop (it’s compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10) for dual-monitor workstation purposes allowing for things to be done more efficiently as you can mirror and expand your desktop as you want.
  •  The 1303I’s plug-and-play functionality allows for driver-free connections with varieties of devices. With the integrated HDMI input found on the 1303I, it works great as a digital signage solution when connected to your mini PC making it the best monitor for your laptop screen’s extensions. You can also connect the 1303I to your smartphones and use for your e-books or e-reading purposes. This driver free plug-and-play functionality allows for usage anywhere, anytime without any constraints on time and space.
  • The 1303I is light-weight and slim (with a weight of 900g and thickness of about 1cm) which can easily fit into your laptop bags or back packs either you’re going on a business trip or vacation.  Its flat-back design allows for horizontal placement on the table, supporting easy writing and designing. Are you a designer? Well, that’s great because just with the use of a stylus pen, you can turn your 1303I monitor into a drawing board for your creative purposes.
  • Are you a gamer looking for an optimal and satisfying gaming experience? Connecting the 1303I to your PlayStation or Xbox would give you no lags on your portable screen. Also, its wide viewing angles (178 degrees and HD resolution of 1920*1080) allows for three or more people to view without experiencing colour bleeds or any screen distortions. The orientation can be easily changed to suit the content being shown at any time.
  • The 1303I’s refined Full HD 1080p IPS (In-Plane Switching) provides a colour depth of 16.7M and 250 nit brightness giving room for more detailed pictures display and excellent colour performance ideal for photographers and designers alike. The “Colour Effect” function helps with the adjustment of the hue and saturation of the Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Magenta colours while the “Colour Temperature” function helps with changing the Red/Green/Blue colour settings.
  • The 1303I’s VESA 100 mount compatibility, which meets international standards of course, can be taken advantage of for a better and flexible work environment. The 1303I can be mounted easily on the wall, an arm mount or even a tripod stand (in the case of cameras as it supports ¼” screw of camera cradle head).
  • The 1303I’s smart cover design (made from aluminum) offers all round, complete protection (from external impact especially during transport) for the monitor. This cover can be used further as a table-top stand to support the monitor thereby, allowing for more convenient use. This also enables the 1303I monitor to be adjusted easily to any of these three different angles: 53 degrees, 62 degrees, and 72 degrees, enabling easier and better viewing as needed for different purposes.
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This portable monitor is definitely feature-rich. It works great, it is lightweight, it works great, and most importantly, it’s affordable. If the great value for money is what you’re looking for, then the GeChic 1303I portable monitor will give you top quality and pocket-friendly all at once. If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line, feature rich, touchscreen and portable monitor, then the GeChic 1303I should definitely be on your wish-list.

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