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Everyone wants to create an identity on social media and facebook has grown immensely in the past few years. As more and more users came to social media its importance was all the more.

Facebook was the first ever social media platform created. The immense success was not hidden from anyone and the more popular it got the more users it gained every day.

Name:Facebook Lite Download for PC
Size:10 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free

Using Facebook you can share images, chat with your friends, create groups and always be aware of the recent happenings in and around the world. It is considered the best social media platform due to its features.

What if I told you that you can even use Facebook on your pc as well? 

So let’s have a look at a quick guide to getting Facebook lite for pc.

How to Download Facebook lite for Pc?

1.  Download an android emulator named Memuplay.

2.  Memuplay can be downloaded from their official website.

3. After downloading, install Memuplay on your pc.

4. Search for facebook lite on the application

5. From the google play store of Memuplay, download facebook lite.

6. Now facebook lite is available on your pc.

How to download Facebook lite for MAC?

1.  For using Facebook lite on your mac device, you will need a android emulator.

2. Download iandroid named android emulator.

3. You can download it form its official website.

4. Install in on your device.

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5. After installing it access the google play store on it.

6. Download facebook lite from the google player of iandroid.

7. Now you can use facebook lite on your device using this android emulator.

Features of Facebook lite:

Listed below are some features of Facebook lite:

  • Image sharing:

Using Facebook you can share your images on the platform with your friends and family. The images need not be of any specific size. You can upload the images in a high-end resolution so that the images are clear. People can see your image and react to them and you can increase interaction with them through the platform.

  • Chats:

Using Facebook you can chat with your friends. There is a different section for the chats and there you can exchange messages with other people. The chats are glitch-free and are end-to-end encrypted so that there is no privacy leak and the users do not hesitate to use the platform.

  • Stories :

Stories are such an option where you can put your images or videos for 24 hours. It means that people can see the content for 24 hours after the upload and then it disappears. This is a very unique feature of Facebook and is very popular among Facebook users.

  • Notification alerts:

Whenever there is a new reaction on your posts or you have received a new message the application gives you an notification. The notification helps you to know about the action of other people. This is a very important feature that facebook provides its uses.

  • Friend requests:
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When you get to know that one of your friends haves an account on facebook and you want to add them to your friend lists. There is just one thing you need to do that is send them a friend requests. Then they need to accept the friend request so that you both can be friends on facebook.

Alternatives of Facebook lite for pc:


Although Instagram has facebook as the parent company it is better than Facebook. Instagram has been designed for youth and features have been provided keeping in mind the new generation.


Although the features are less on Whatsapp it is very popular. People use Whatsapp for exchanging messages and important information. Whatsapp is so popular because of its safety procedures and end-to-end encryption policies.


As the features offered by the app are not so realistic and attractive it is not very popular among users. Hike is used for chatting and you can also share images by putting up stories.

Hike was popular in its initial days but it couldn’t maintain the hype.


Q1. Can I use Facebook Lite on a PC?

Ans. Yes, you can use the application on your pc using an android emulator. Android emulator can be downloaded from google.

Q2. How do I install Facebook Lite??

Ans. You can get the application by downloading it from play store and installing it on your device then.

Q3. How do I install Facebook on my PC?

Ans. You can install Facebook on your pc using an android emulator by accessing the play store from the android emulator.

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Q4.Is FB Lite and FB same?

Ans. It is just a lighter version of Facebook. It’s easy to download and  install and requires less specs for hardware.

Q5.What is the disadvantage of Facebook Lite?

Ans. It cannot support all features of the application. Therefore, it has limited functionality.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is a very good application you can use to create your social media presence. It offers you a lot of features and is a great application and glitch-free application.

Social media has been booming a lot and you can create your own presence using Facebook and be popular.                 

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