Download Canon Camera Connect app for PC

To transfer images that have been shot on your Canon camera to your smartphone, Canon Camera Connect is the application you need. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about this app and how you can use it on your PC. 

Name:Canon Camera For PC
Size:56 MB
Compatibility:Windows OS, macOS
Security:Checked – Virus Free

What is Canon Camera Connect? 

Canon Camera Connect is an application which allows you to connect your smartphone or any device with the app to your Canon camera. 

Transferring and saving images which have been clicked on your camera can easily be done with the help of this app. 

How to Download Canon Camera Connect for PC? 

  1. To install Canon Camera Connect on your PC, you need to download an emulator. We will be using the Nox Player emulator which can be downloaded from the official website. 
  1. After Nox Player has been downloaded, open it and sign in to your Google account.
  1. Head to the Google PlayStore and search for Canon Camera Connect in the toolbar given. Wait for the results to come up.
  1. Click on the app once it comes up and press the install button provided. 
  1. After the installation process is complete, you can start using the app on your PC by selecting the app icon.

What are the Features of Canon Camera Connect? 

  • NFC touch operation is also available for cameras that have enabled this option. 
  • There is bluetooth connection to smartphones for cameras that have the option. 
  • Image transfer can automatically be done with enabled cameras. 
  • The latest firmware can be transferred to enabled cameras. 
  • You can download and view your images very easily. 
  • Location information can be added to the images clicked. 
  • There is Wi-Fi connectivity with the camera for remote live shooting as well as transfer of images.
  • You can connect to Canon Cameras smoothly and simply with the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology available. 
  • There are image sorting options which help you easily find particular shots that have been clicked.
  • You can shoot remotely by using your Mobile device with the app.
  • Camera Connect’s interface allows you to shoot with EOS, powershot and Vixia.
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What are some Alternatives to Canon Camera Connect? 

EOS Remote – 

This application works great for remote shooting and is completely free. EOS Remote allows you to view live images from the camera and browse images to save them on your memory card or device. 

You can wirelessly access Wi-Fi equipped cameras with this application.

Settings can be changed or altered remotely with ease. 

Wireless Mobile Utility – 

This is an app through which you can wirelessly control your Nikon camera from your smartphone. 

You can download, share and take pictures remotely with Wireless Mobile Utility. 

Photos can be passed to other apps with the OS Share intent in a hassle free way. 

Location data can be added and the settings on the camera can be changed with this app.

Camera Connect & Control – 

Camera Connect & Control lets you connect your DSLR camera with your phone and share or click pictures remotely. 

You can establish a connection through WiFi or USB and pictures can directly be shared to other apps.

There are basic features which can be used for free but to gain access to additional features, there is a paid version.

FAQs – 

Q1. Can you use Canon Camera Connect without WiFi?

Ans: Yes. You can connect it directly to the Camera without needing Wifi.

Q2. Is Canon Camera Connect free?

Ans: The app is free for use and can be used to link cameras and smartphones. 

Q3. What can be done with the Canon Camera Connect app? 

Ans: You can transfer and view files on your device. Remote shooting can be done, the camera settings can easily be changed with the app and much more.

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