🏅Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews of 2021

Have you been dealing with a nasty stomach bug of lately?

Well, then you may wish to consider purchasing an efficient under sink water filter to provide you with clean, filtered water.  A counter water filter system not only provides you with drinkable water but these days the filters are super-efficient and use technologies better than reverse osmosis to block harmful chemicals and contaminants in the water.

In this detailed guide, we’ll talk about the 6 best under sink water filters of 2020 and why they can be an ideal choice.

Our Top Pick – iSpring RCC1UP

There are several top-notch options available on the market today to suit different budget requirements, but for us, the iSpring RCC1UP-AK high flow 100 GPD is a top-tier drinking water system. If you are looking for a product with maximum efficiency and unmatched speed, the iSpring RCC1UP-AK is the best choice. The UV water filter provides complete protection against harmful microorganisms, and the alkaline filter balances the mineral levels lost during the RO process better than other filters on the market. The 100 GPD water flow ensures that large groups or families get continuous access to clean and healthy drinking water, and the loose carbon present in the GAC and CTO filters fight against contaminants by trapping them.

While iSpring RCC1UP-AK is our top-pick, there are 5 other top-rated under counter water filters that are making a mark in the water filter space. They’ve been identified by our experts based on their experience with these products. We’ve also taken into account the reviews by existing customers. Let’s look at them one by one. 

Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

#1. Aquasana 3-Stage

Best Under Sink Water Filter

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System is an NSF certified under-sink water filter has been rated one of the best under sink water filtration system by the users. On purchasing the system, you’ll not just get the filter; you’ll also get a brushed nickel faucet that is 100% lead-free.

The powerful 3-Stage Drinking Water system removes up to 99% of more than 60 contaminants including lead, mercury, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, asbestos, and more. The design is eco-friendly with minimum plastic parts for disposal, and the filters are extremely easy to replace. You’ll be delighted to know that with Aquasana 3-stage water filtration system in-house, you don’t need to spend hours disconnecting and connecting hoses and pipes while changing the filters.

The easy to install system uses the latest technology to provide 600 gallons of water per day. It follows a zero-waste mechanism, which ensures that no water is wasted during the process of filtration.

If you’re concerned about the taste of the filtered water, don’t be. The activated carbon present in the filter system removed the taste and bad odor of chlorine from the water.

Do you know the best thing about the Aquasana 3-Stage? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that the filter comes fitted with an Aquasana AQ-5300 system that alerts you when the filters expire and need to be changed. Overall, a great buy if you’re looking for a superior-quality under the sink water filter that provides drinkable water.

#2 CuZn UC-200 – Best Under Counter Water Filter

CuZn UC-200

With 50,000 gallons of cold filtered water on demand, CuZn UC-200 under Counter Water Filter displays exemplary performance and is one of the best-sellers on the market. The three-stage filtration process includes Micro Sediment Membranes, KDF-55 & Coconut Shell Carbon ensuring Purification of the Water without Removing Health Beneficial Hardness Minerals. The filter is durable and high-quality.

The installation process is straightforward, and the product does not require a faucet. It can be conveniently connected to your sink’s existing cold-water supply line. All the necessary parts required for installing the product are included in the package.

The Bacteriostatic filtration system reduces 98% of water-soluble cation heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Cadmium, etc. The UC-200 under sink water filtration system consists of a 3/8″ Male Compression Inlet and Outlet fittings & a 36″ Long 3/8″ x 3/8″ Braided Stainless-Steel Compression Hose. It is by far, one of the easiest and lightweight filtration systems weighing in at just 8 pounds and only requires a modifiable wrench for tightening the connections. The only minor drawback of the CuZn UC-200 under sink water filter is the size in case you have a small under sink cabinet. Overall, an ideal product for those who are looking for a sink water filter with massive capacity.

#3 iSpring RCC1UP-AK 7-Stage – Best Kitchen Sink Water Filter

iSpring RCC1UP-AK 7-Stage

As mentioned earlier the iSpring RCC1UP-AK is our one of the highest rated and greatly recommended Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration Systems on the market. The filter comes with a lead-free solid brass body faucet with a brushed nickel finish. The long-lasting multilayer membrane ensures up to 100 gallons of clean water per day.  

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There no better method to make sure you consume clean, safe, and perfect tasting water than using the iSpring RCC1UP-AK under-sink water filter with reverse osmosis.

The pre-equipped booster pumps allow the system to function at the highest possible level. Operating almost at a silent mode, the booster pumps optimizes the low water pressure and bring it to an optimal level. The stage 6 alkaline remineralization filter and a UV sterilizer provide absolute protection against the virus and bacteria while balancing and neutralizing the pH level. The flow sensor switch automatically operates the UV system with incoming water flow and switches it off when not needed. The 7th stage, i.e., the last stage provides users with an efficient antibacterial system used commonly these days, an ultraviolet filter. On opening the faucet, there are 11 ultraviolet lights inside the filter that start glowing due to the activation of a flow switch. This is something that really impressed us.

The faucet gives out a luxurious look and portrays the highest standards of manufacturing. The DIY installation is extremely easy and using the instructions provided with the product; you can install the unit in just a few minutes. The filter system is also very easy to maintain. The casing of the filters is transparent which allows you to examine them for potential build-ups. So, the next time there’s an algae growth on your filters, you can easily spot them by peeping in through the transparent casing.

Using the same filtration system, you can supply purified drinking water to different parts of your house such as an ice-maker or a refrigerator.

The only drawback that comes with this product is the restricted flow of water caused by the reverse osmosis system. The filters create a drop in the water pressure. So, this under sink water purifier is not an ideal choice for you if you live in an area with low water pressure. However, if you love the product, even though you face water pressure issues, you can install an additional booster pump and set the pressure.

So, the iSpring RCC1UP-AK under sink water filter is a good buy for big families and offices.

#4 Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

 Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

The Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Filtration System with active mineral technology provides the healthiest and cleanest water while storing the essential minerals. It is one of the most robust under sink water filter systems available on the market with 10 stages of filtration. Moreover, alkaline water is great for your body as it provides you with up to 20% more oxygen as opposed to regular drinking water.

The filtration stages are as follows:

1st Stage: Sediment filter that kills dirt, dust, sand, and rust.

2nd & 3rd Stage: The Granular Carbon Filters and Carbon Block Filters focus on pollutants.

4th Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes difficult contaminants

5th to 9th stages: The Alkaline Filter that induces 5 stages of mineralization, oxygen, and antioxidants.

10th stage: The Post Activated Carbon Filter that performs a final check on water.

The express water offers other several unique features including but not limited to Leak Stop Valve to detect excess flow of water, 40-80 PSI water pressure without booster pumps, and has a Quick Connect tubing system. The filters are double-packed to provide double-efficiency and filtration.

Want to change the filters? The process is super-easy. All the filters come with an easy design and clear colored labels to help you understand where to fix what.

To summarize, it is one of the best option available for purchase online. The RO membrane of this filtration system has been rated as the best and most efficient contamination reduction membranes. A must buy if you’re looking for a filtration system with quick water flow.

#5 Woder 10K-Gen3Undersink Water Filtration System

Woder 10K-Gen3

Woder, a trusted company with several years of experience, has brought 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System to the market for efficient purification of water. The filtered water is so fresh that it feels like spring water. The brand claims that the water filtered by the Woder filter is much healthier than the water filtered the reverse osmosis.

The system provides healthy drinking water by removing dangerous contaminants including lead (99.9%), heavy metals, chlorine (99.9%), chromium 6, mercury, volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, odor, and bad taste etc.

The best thing about this product is the durability of the filters. The filter lasts for at least 3 years which is 6 time as lengthier as the other filters on the market. The filters use microparticles to filter the contaminants and the Selective Filtration Technology ensures that not all essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium are removed. On normal usage, the filter will last for a whopping 3 years saving you extra money and time on changing it.

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It is the most lightweight filtration system on the list. The small size and easy installation make it one of the most loved and used products today.

#6 APEC WFS-1000


The APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity UnderSink Water Filter System provides a 3-stage filtration for healthy and clean water. The 1st stage filtration by polypropylene sediment filter eliminates dirt, dust, particles, and rust; 2nd stage works on unpleasant chlorine, cloudiness, odors, and colors by premium extruded carbon block. At the 3rd and last stage, the finest quality extruded carbon block measuring 10 inches further eliminates unpleasant tastes, foul odors, and other harmful chemicals from the water to provide healthy, filtered water.

The APEC WFS is a long lasting and dependable filtration system and guarantees to remove chlorine, taste, and odors. It provides a fast water flow and does not require a tank. It ensures the safety of essential minerals and maintains higher alkalinity.

The filters can last up to 12 months and require less maintenance.

Buying Guide for Under Sink Water Filter

  • Check if the package contains a faucet -The water from an under sink water filter dispenses via a tap. So, while purchasing it make sure a good quality faucet is included in the product package. In case a faucet is not available, you’ll have to purchase one separately unless the product you’re purchasing has the ability to connect to an existing tap.
  • Make sure the installation place is dirt and dust-free-The place under the sink where you’re planning to install the filter. It should be neat and clean. Make sure there’s no dirt or dust around the filtration system.
  • Make sure you have a continuous water supply to feed into the filtration system-Under sink water filters require a continuous supply of freely running water to function properly. Make sure there’s ample supply of running water to get maximum output.
  • Check the water pressure: Water pressure is a very important aspect that you must check before you purchase a kitchen water filter. In case you have low water pressure, you’ll have to install a noisy booster pump to enhance the pressure artificially. If you don’t want to wait an hour or two for a glass of water, make sure you have sufficient water pressure to get enough output.
  • Examine the filtering capacity-Depending on the element of the filters, some filters might be great at removing contaminants as compared to the others.
  • Check the ease of installation-If you don’t want to get into the hassle of hiring a plumber to do the installation for you, buy a kitchen sink water filter that comes with the DIY installation. You’ll save time and money.

How Under Sink Water Filters Work?

While most modern faucets can have filters that are built into them at the top of the faucet and help with the water flow, the under sink water faucet can be hidden away. It is becoming one of the more popular choices, due to the fact that it can be hidden and you don’t need to constantly maintain it. However, there are two types to choose from, the simple version and the conventional version.

The Conventional Version

The conventional filter is one of the top models and while it is more expensive than the simple version, it gives you the option when to turn it on or off. This means that you have a little less maintenance, as you can choose which water needs to be filtered and what you can simply skip. It will help when you only need a little bit of water to do the dishes.

While the installation process is fluent, these filters don’t need to be maintained more than once a year. However, you will need to buy a special faucet for the specific filter and it needs a new sinkhole n the counter to be installed. This might require a little bit of assistance from someone with professional skills.

The Simple Version

The simple version is becoming the more popular choice among many homeowners. It is one of the easiest to install and you don’t need a whole lot of additional nitty-gritty add-ons to make it work as it should. It will be connected to the cold water and should filter all of the cold water that is running through your pipes.

While you don’t need to add a specific faucet or even make new holes in your countertop, this faucet still needs to have some cartridge that will be used for actually filtering the water. Since it has a higher flow rate, you will need to do more maintenance and this could cost you a little more, especially when replacing all the cartridges.

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The Benefits Of Under Sink Water Filters

The filter itself already has a ton of benefits and this is why many people are moving toward drinking bottled or even cooked water. However, cooking water does remove some of the good nutrients that will not be removed with your filter. Here are a couple of the top benefits you can expect when buying a decent under sink faucet:

  • It can reduce a lot of the potential GI disorders that many people have come to deal with. This is because filtered water will have a huge impact on cleansing the body. Some people suggest that it could do it as much as 30%.
  • The filtered water can definitely help with detox programs to flush out some of the bad toxins that will be bothering your body.
  • One of the biggest benefits is the reduced price when you start comparing it to bottled water found in stores.
  • Skin hydration will surely help you in the modern age of beauty. Cleaner water also means your skin stays hydrated and clean.
  • The best benefit is the taste. Most people do not like the taste of water, but the under sink filter could improve the taste over normal tap water.
  • These factors will all combine to give you more convenience when you are looking to improve the water intake levels of your body.

Under-Sink Vs Countertop Water Filters

One of the biggest debates that people have is choosing the under-sink filter or the countertop filter. To be honest, they both have a great efficiency rate, but here are some of the reasons that can be used in an argument for both of them.


  • They are hidden out of sight
  • The filters can handle a greater deal of water flow
  • Reverse osmosis water output seems to be a little better
  • Once installed, you can simply forget about them


  • These filters are generally more affordable
  • They can be moved as you need them
  • The maintenance on them is much easier
  • They are generally more affordable than the under-sink water filters

Under Sink Water Filter Installation & Maintenance

This is one of the toughest things to answer and the maintenance and installation will depend on the water filter itself. The simple water filters need more maintenance, but they are also much cheaper. One of the biggest things you need to keep in mind when it comes to maintenance is the check for rust and to ensure the filters are replaced on a regular basis.

The installation will also vary depending on size and the need that you have for your filter. Larger filters are a little more complicated to install and will need to have some more additional equipment. It is much better to have a professional assist you with the overall installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What type of water filter is the best choice?

Ans: The water filter under the sink is the best choice. It remains hidden in the under sink cabinet while it purifies your water and provides you with healthy drinking water all day long. There is a different type of under counter water filter systems that you can choose from such as reverse osmosis filters, microparticle filters, etc.

Q2. Which filter removes the most contaminants?

Ans: Reverse osmosis sink water filters removes a wide range of contaminants from the water such as lead, mercury, asbestos, heavy salts, etc.

Q3. How long do under sink water filters last?

Ans: They usually, last between 6 to 12 months. However, in some case, depending upon the brand, the filters also last for up to 2-3 years.

Q4. When Should I Change My Water Filter Cartridge?

Ans: Changing your filters will depend on how often you are using the water filter for your water. If it is often. You can look at every 6 months on average. However, most water filter cartridges only need to be replaced once every 9 or 12-months. You will start to see the change in colour of your water as well when it is time to change it.

Q5. How To Clean & Replace Cartridges In Your Under Sink Water Filter System?

Ans: While we don’t recommend cleaning the cartridges, this is a cheaper way to go if you want to reuse them. However, the replacement process will be indicated on the instruction many from the manufacturer and should not really be that hard.

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