Best Soundproof Curtains of 2021 (Noise Blocking & Deadening Curtains)

There’s nothing worse than waking up early when you don’t need to. If your problem is noise or sunlight, there’s an easy fix: curtains. Not just any curtains though, but soundproof curtains.

A good pair of soundproof curtains will ensure that you can get a good night’s sleep every night.

Picking out curtains is never easy though, but we’ve at least narrowed the options to 10 best soundproof curtains.

10 Best Soundproof Curtains of 2021

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains (Best Sound Blocking Curtains)

soundproof curtains

Just because you’re buying curtains for practical reasons doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great color. Pick out any color of these ready-made curtains, which include 2 panels per package. They’re made for elegance and practicality too, and are well known for sound blocking better than the usual 1-layer curtains.

Because these NICETOWN curtains are heavyweight, they’ll completely cover the windows to prevent you from being bothered by noise no matter what time of day it is. With the unique design, you’ll even like how these work during different seasons. These curtains will insulate you against the summer heat and the winter chill and are created with 2 layers of triple weave blackout material.

If you’ve had your curtains up for a while and want to clean them up, simply throw them in your washer and they’ll be good to go for another comfortable evening.


  • High quality resembling hotel curtains
  • Very thick
  • Muffle even a highway


  • Difficult to de-wrinkle

H.VERSAILTEX Linen Curtains Blackout 84-inches long (Best Noise Reducing Curtains)

H.VERSAILTEX Linen Curtains

Pick out these linen curtains in any color. When you get your package, you’ll get two faux linen panels which have copper metal grommets that are meant to slide smoothly back and forth when you open and close these curtains. Not that you’ll want to open these too often once you see how well they work. 

You can even buy these to block out heat and chill too. They’re made from insulated thermal, which will keep you hot or cold depending on the season and balance the temperature in your home too. In the end, this can save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Add these to your home to add a touch of classic style without compromising the sound protecting and practicality that you’re looking for. When you’d like to wash these out, just throw them in your washer and they’ll be as good as new.


  • Well priced; great value for your money
  • Made from high quality faux linen fabric
  • Very elegant design that will complement your home


  • Colors aren’t completely accurate. For example, the white color isn’t completely pure white.

NICETOWN Home Décor Velvet Curtains (Best Soundproof Velvet Curtains)

NICETOWN Home Décor Velvet

If you want elegance, pick these velvet curtains from NICETOWN. These curtains are ready made, which means that you can hang them right away when you get them. They have a dual pocket design on the top, making them sophisticated, but that’s not all they offer. The length is actually adjustable. If they’re a few inches shorter than your windows, you can hang them with rings and hooks for a height adjustment of three inches.

Use these to dim out the light, since they’re heavy and made of thick velvet. This will also keep the room at a set temperature to insulated against either the heat or cold, and will dampen sound too. The plush fabric keeps noise outside and makes your home look a little more luxurious too.

These curtains are easy to care for too. They’re high quality, which means that you can use them and wash them for years before getting a new pair.


  • Very soft, resembling an elegant velvet material
  • Hang and drape well
  • High-quality stitching, giving it a luxurious design


  • The measurements provided aren’t very accurate so be sure to leave some room for error.
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Miuco Room Darkening Solid Grommet Soundproof Curtains (Best Triple Weave Design)

Miuco Room Darkening Solid

These Miuco curtains are nice to the touch and have an elegant design. You can hang these curtains right out of the package from the 8 metal grommets, which are made to slide along easily when you open and close them. These even have some weights in the bottom. You might not think the weights are important, but they help the curtains hang well and stay stable even if your heating or AC is on the inside.

Use these to block out the sun with the triple-weave construction, making them perfect for children’s rooms or if you need to sleep during the day. When it comes to noise control, they are able to filter out most of the sound for the privacy that you’re looking for. It helps that these curtains are energy efficient too since they insulate your home, so once you have these installed, you might even see a reduction in your energy bill too.


  • Luxurious and soft material
  • Excellent for the price
  • Perfect for new parents


  • Not perfect for darkening

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Back Tab and Rod Pocket

These thermal curtains are made from a silk-like fabric that feels soft to touch. They’re made to be opaque, which means that you’ll be able to sleep through the day or night in total privacy. Since they’re energy efficient too, you just might save a little bit on your energy bills.

And let’s not forget: the noise reduction. These curtains are made to reduce the noise outside your home just by closing them over the windows. When the noise dies down though, you can use the two-tie backs to tie them back and see outside. You have adjustability options when it comes to hanging them up too, so you can choose from one of three hanging styles to fit your home.


  • Choose from three hanging styles
  • Keep the sun out efficiently
  • Drapes very well


  • The colors aren’t as attractive

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains (Strongest Curtains)

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio

You have 16 strong metal grommets to push these curtains around with, but that’s not what you want these curtains for. You’re looking for the privacy that these blackout curtains provide since they’re made to blackout most natural light while being breathable and perfect to divide your room. Since they’re thick with a soft and durable fabric and are made to feel luxurious, you can use them for multiple purposes beyond just reducing the noise.

Of course, they’ll reduce the noise in your home too and provide you with more energy efficiency and privacy. Hang them up wherever there’s noise, whether that be in front of your patio door, French door, or bedroom. The strong grommets on top will make it easy to push them along no matter where you hang them up.


  • Good heavy material
  • The fabric is tightly woven to block light
  • Feels like luxurious silk


  • Not fully blackout curtains

Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Best Home Fashion Thermal

The innovative triple weave in these Best Home curtains is what makes them unique. This tight weave is made to block out all sunlight and get rid of any harmful UV rays, which will save you money and energy in the end, since they insulate from the cold too. Use these curtains for the sake of energy insulation, noise reduction, and to block out the sun, which will help with your sleep too.

These blackout curtains are versatile since they have both a back tab and a rod pocket hanging style for more adjustable styling on your part. You’ll have the matching backs included to be sure that everything matches up. When you want to clean them, they’re completely machine washable for easy care.


  • Versatile. Choose from rod pocket hanging or back tab style.
  • The width blocks the window
  • Very effective at preventing light from seeping through
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  • Not as efficient with thermal insulation

Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Heavy Velvet Curtain Drape Panel Blackout (Best Luxurious Curtains)

Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt

The fabric is what makes these Sideli solid curtains so unique. They’re made of a heavy-weight velvet, which ensures that they drape well and that they stay stable even if you have the AC or heating running in your home. It helps that the fabric is completely interwoven and thick too in order to provide you with more fullness and coverage overall. Just use the tie-back if you’d ever like to see outside.

The quality of the material of the Sideli is meant to keep the hot air out and the cool air in, while blocking out at least 40 percent of any unwanted noise. They’ll add a touch of luxury to your home while you get to sleep in a comfortable and dark environment. It’s even been tested in laboratories and proven to block out at least 90% of external light.


  • Made of really soft 300gsm heavy velvet material
  • Very soft and heavy
  • Drape very nicely


  • Some people haven’t gotten grommets

Yakamok 2 Thick Layers Soundproof Drapes (Best Natural Curtains Without Chemical Coating)

Yakamok 2 Thick Layers

You have two panels per package with these Yakamok curtains, which means that you get that much more protection from the noise and the sun. They’re easy to hang, easy to slide, and have a simple design that’s meant to provide you with a sense of ease. This is especially true with the two layers of fabric and the heavyweight fabric that’s made to drape and hang well.

Use these curtains to block out the sound and the sun, since the heavy fabric is made to absorb and reduce outside noise. Enjoy a quiet sleep environment during the day or the night, and save some money on your energy bills while you’re at it. Since they’re made without a chemical coating, it’s easy to just wash these in cold water and hang them right back up. You’ll also enjoy UV protection and 100% sunlight blocking with these thick curtains, thanks to their effective black liner backing.


  • No chemical coating or toxic odors
  • Makes the room pitch black
  • Can drape well over blinds


  • The sizing can run a little small

DriftAway Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liner (Best for Baby Nursery)

Use these curtains if you want to block out the sun and dampen sound without any chemical smell, especially if it’s for your baby’s nursery. They are made from innovative triple weaved fabric to be soft, smooth, thick, and heavy, which will save you energy by blocking out the heat and cold regardless of the time of year. Since they are so thick, rest assured that they do a good job of dampening sound and providing you with absolute privacy.

Especially if you work at night, you’ll love how these curtains are able to keep the noise out and stop the sunlight during the day. These curtains are well loved for its Sleep Soother Sound Dampening as it’s very effective at blocking out noise. They help you to easily turn your normal traditional curtain into effective soundproof and blackout curtain.


  • Perfect for infant rooms
  • Soft and lightweight but still thick enough to block out light and sound
  • No chemical odors


  • They are only liners; you need actual curtains

What are Soundproof Curtains?

Looking at a soundproof curtain, you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell that it was soundproof. These curtains look just like any other curtain. The only real difference is how they’re designed using much thicker and heavier materials, and with multiple layers of fabric. All of this is meant to ensure that they absorb the most amount of sound possible.

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For the most part then, you’ll find these types of curtains made from polyester, velvet, and satin, but you’ll still have tons of options when it comes to color, design, and texture. All you have to do is hang them from a regular curtain rod to block out loud noise anywhere in your home. Before you buy, make sure that you know where you’d like to hang them so that you can get the right size.

That being said, know that your curtains won’t cancel out all noise completely. They muffle it, but sound will still escape into your home. Yet rest assured that you’ll notice a reduced level of noise, and that echoes in your home will be reduced. If you really want to cancel out all noise though, try adding in a soundproof window along with your curtains.

How to Choose a Soundproof Curtain?

Knowing what you’re looking for will help you narrow down your choices from our list of ten above.

Curtain Size

This might seem obvious, but make sure you know exactly how big you want your curtains to be. Grab your measuring tape and measure the length, height, and width of wherever you want to hang your curtains. Make sure that you buy curtains that are a few inches wider and longer than where you’re hanging them, since the longer your curtains are, the more effective they’ll be.


The weight of your curtain is also an important consideration. The heavier the curtain, the better it is will absorb sound. It might be a little more difficult to put up, but heavier curtains will absorb more layers of sound.


Think about the materials of your curtain when you think about the weight. You already know that you can choose from polyester, velvet, and satin, all of which are good for sound isolation. What you choose depends on your preference, but you can also find an option with an insulated layer that helps with the noise. The insulation will also help with your energy bills.

Do check if your chosen curtain has any extra layering inside too. Some options have extra liners included, or you can buy extra liners yourself. These will add to the noise-deadening while providing you with extra features like blacking out the sun.

Curtain Rods

Since you are picking out a heavier material, you will need a curtain rod that can handle the weight. Try a wrap-around rod which will attach to the walls at a curve, since these will eliminate any gaps around the edges of the curtain to cancel out the most amount of noise.

You can also use double rods, which will double your layering and increase noise reduction in the end. These are also helpful if you’re planning to buy multiple curtain panels, but if you want the most amount of noise reduction, try ceiling-mount brackets. These go right on the ceiling, so there’s less space between the curtain and the window and more sound is blocked out.

Check out this video to know Do noise blocking curtains really work?


You have a lot of options when it comes to your option of the soundproof curtain. It’s still difficult to pick from just these ten, but you at least know what to look for and will be able to pick a curtain that will work well for you. Just check the size that you need, pick a color, and plan where you want to hang it in your home for a better night’s sleep.

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