10 Best Computer Speakers Under $50 – 2021’s Best Picks

Does your laptop or desktop have low-quality built-in speakers? While these provide sound, it’s not good enough. What if you can’t hear your PC alarm or participate well in an online group meeting because of the fuzzy audio quality?

The solution here is to get quality computer speakers. These can be expensive like any other gadget, but we’ve compiled a selection of very affordable yet reliable models. For less than $50, you’re listening experience is sure to improve.

Logitech Z313 – Our Top Pick

Logitech Z313 is our choice for the best computer speakers under 50 bucks. This is a speaker system that does not compromise quality for its price. For one, it features a minimalist black design and it is easy to set up.

Second, you won’t have trouble adjusting it for your computer or even your headphones. And finally, the Logitech Z313 gives superb audio output. These speakers can definitely fill a room with balanced sound along with a relatively deep bass.

Best PC Speakers Under 50 of 2021 Reviewed

1) Logitech Z313 Best Option with Subwoofer

Logitech Z313

The second entry from Logitech on our list is none other than the Z313. For a speaker system costing less than $50, it is amazing that it provides 25 watts of power. This is enough if you want to play music in a room filled with 50 people. Furthermore, the sound reproduction is both big and balanced, which means that you can hear your music well without any significant distortion.


– Designed to not fall over easily

– The small subwoofer adds deep bass without taking so much space

– Detailed sound even in high volume

– Comes with a control pod for volume adjustment and headphone use

– Takes less than five minutes to set up


– There is a bit of distortion if the wires shift a bit

– No control for adjusting the bass level


This speaker system is a product with stability and clarity in mind. From the subwoofer to the satellite speakers, you are ensured of an excellent audio quality. The Logitech Z313 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive computer speakers in the market. It is difficult to find other speakers of the same price sounding and looking as good as this.

2) TaoTronics TT-SK018US  Best Cheap Computer Speaker 

TaoTronics TT-SK018US

The first two entries represent the usual design of computer speakers, but they can also come in the form of a soundbar. The TaoTronics TT-SK018US is built for small areas such as your room or office space. You can even use this with your tablet or projector if you have a quick presentation at school or work.


– The durable construction of both speakers and cables

– A convenient and smooth volume knob

– Sleek, modern, and portable design

– Different-colored cables for mic and headphone use

– Includes 18-month warranty


– Does not include a built-in mic

– Bass needs improvement


The TaoTronics TT-SK018US rises above its competitors with its impeccable design. There are no pesky wires to untangle with each use. Furthermore, the silver appearance and the blue LED light look fitting. So if you want an ergonomic device that you can set up on your own, get this one.

3) Sanyun SW102 Best Computer Speakers for Gaming

Sanyun SW102

Just like the TaoTronics TK-SK018US, the Sanyun SW102 comes with blue LED lights. This makes the speaker system perfect for people who have colorful gaming components. Moreover, the elliptical form of the speakers helps to properly distribute the sound around the room.


– Can be charged using a 5-volt charger or through a USB port

– No vibrations caused by loud sounds during use

– Sturdy plastic and metallic materials

– Bass diaphragm and closed cavity improve the bass output

– Includes three-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


– Max volume might not be enough for some

– There’s no option to turn the LED light off if you don’t want it

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At only 520 grams, the Sanyun SW102 is a lightweight and compact speaker system. For its size, you’d be surprised to hear the sound even if you’re on another floor. If you want speakers that can survive the constant bumps from daily travels, we highly recommend the SW102.

4) Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers

Best Computer Speakers

The Z200 sound system comes in the form of two speakers, which means you can place on the left and the other on the right. This will give a better sound distribution around your room. As for its appearance, the Logitech model sports a largely black design.

Furthermore, the Logitech Z200 has a peak output of 10 watts. While there are expensive speakers that offer thrice the amount, it will already be hard for two people to talk to each other if you were playing music through 10-watt speakers.


– Decent sound reproduction

– Easy to adjust the volume due to its front placement

– Allows multiple device plug-ins using the headphone jack and the auxiliary jack

– Cable length is around five feet so that you can place each speaker far from one another

– Lightweight at only 2.2 pounds


– Distortion is apparent if you turn the volume way up

– Bass is lacking


The Logitech Z200 is a speaker system that works well enough for regular use. It doesn’t need advanced features to provide ample sound. With the Z200, you can always listen to your favorite songs and listen to podcasts whenever you want.

5) Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Creative Inspire T12 2.0

Unlike the Logitech Z200 that had four drivers, the Creative T12 desktop speaker system only has two. But even this reduction doesn’t mean that these speakers are of lesser quality. In fact, the Creative T12 comes with BassFlex. This feature expands the low-frequency range to deliver a more nuanced sound.


– Simple and slim glossy black design

– Minimal distortion even at high volume

– Volume knob located at the front for convenience

– Relatively great bass output for its size

– Takes mere minutes to set up


– Cord extension might be too short for some users

– No dust covers to keep the speakers clean with minimal effort


With the Creative T12 computer speakers, the audio files sound well as long as they are played within manageable levels. Moreover, it’s hard not to appreciate the relatively deep base of these desktop speakers. If you have a tight budget, the Creative T12 is an amazing option.

6) Elegiant SR200 Best Bluetooth Computer Speaker

Elegiant SR200

Similar to other entries, the Elegiant SR200 comes with LED lights to complement its black design. And thanks to its plug-and-play feature, you only need to connect the USB cable to the plug to begin — you won’t have to buy any batteries or power cords whatsoever.


– LED lights come in red, green, and blue

– Control for switching the lights on and off

– Well-functioning Bluetooth feature

– The sound is loud enough for use in the living room

– Handy flashlight feature


– Max volume could be louder

– Instruction manual not easy to understand


For a soundbar, the Elegiant SR2000 does more than to provide optimal sound in a compact manner. This pc speaker also offers visual benefits such as RGB lightning and even a flashlight feature. And if you want lengthy cables to connect to your headphone or mic, this is your best bet.

7) Arvicka SP-106 Best Desktop Speaker

Arvicka SP-106

Featuring a cubic design, these desktop speakers offer stereo sound. This means that the Arvicka SP-106 uses more than one channel or signal. Having at least two channels allows you to hear sounds from different positions instead of just from the center all the time.


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– Works with Windows and Mac computers

– Includes one-year warranty and lifetime customer service

– Cubic form makes it easy to store and keep in place

– Blue LED light is soft to the eyes

– No static noise or humming in the background


– Requires both a USB and an auxiliary cable to work

– Short cable length


The Arvicka SP-106 is a great solution for anyone who wants to transition from using the built-in laptop or desktop speakers. Its black and cubic appearance looks great, especially with the volume control being placed at the back. Get this speaker system if you want something simple yet effective.

8) Creative Inspire T3300 51MF0415AA002 Best 2.1 Speaker System

Creative Inspire T3300

The second Creative model here is the T3300, which features the Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) technology. Simply put, the DSE is a design innovation that will help create louder sounds. Thanks to the tight structure of the computer speakers, you can hear more of the bass in the mid-range.


– No need to use equalizer or sound processor

– Energy Star Certification for energy efficiency

– Includes wired remote control for volume and power settings

– Bass level adjustment

– Sizable ported subwoofer


– Wires could have had a better quality

– Bass gets distorted at high volume


The Creative Inspire T3300 is a fantastic computer speaker system that implements a smart design to achieve the best sound. Both the DSE and the Image Focusing Plate (IFP) technologies keep the audio balanced to keep vocals and music clear. If you are looking for speakers with ample bass, this should be your pick.

9) Creative Pebble 2.0 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

 Creative Pebble 2.0

The final entry of Creative is the Pebble 2.0 that boasts a stylish spherical design in black or white. It’s easy to use these desktop speakers since you only need to use a USB cable — there are is no power adapter required. Plus, it will fit in any cramped space thanks to its mere 4.4-inch width.


– Elevated drivers provide better immersion

– Portable and ergonomic design

– Minimal distortion at loud settings

– Delivers 4.4 watts and a balanced audio

– Weighs only 1.9 pounds


– No protective screen for the speakers

– Bass needs improvement


The Creative Pebble 2.0 is a good addition to any office or personal space. Its sound is wide enough to fill the room without bothering other areas. If you are looking for a compact yet impressive desktop speaker, get this orb-shaped speaker system.

10) Dell AE215 Best for Music 

Dell AE215

Finally, the AE215 speakers from Dell share the same orb-shaped design as the Creative Pebble 2.0. It’s easy to place this on a cramped table. Likewise, you have the option to place the speakers underneath the PC monitor or put one on either side. There are no lengthy wires to untangle as well.


– Volume control on the side

– Integrated amplifier for better sound

– Generates deep bass

– 5-watt sound output

– Includes 1-year warranty


– Plastic material not durable enough

– Some users might not prefer the light indicator


The Dell AE125 speaker system offers impeccable sound thanks to Waves Maxx Audio. You can hear sufficient bass whether you’re watching movies or listening to music. If you want computer speakers that you can connect to your headphones for a bit of privacy, the AE125 is an amazing choice.

What is a Computer Speaker?

It is designed to provide audio output to desktops and laptops. Otherwise known as a multimedia speaker, the device allows you to enjoy a variety of content. Instead of listening on your own through earphones, a speaker gives everyone in a room the capacity to hear the music or movie playing.

Usually, a speaker system is composed of two speakers connected by wires or run with Bluetooth. Some speakers are powered through a USB port while others require batteries or an AC adapter. Likewise, the USB port or a 3.5-millimeter jack plug can serve as the signal input connector.

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What are the Factors to Consider in Buying a Computer Speaker?

Each pc speaker differs from one another. Here are several things to remember so that you can find the perfect speakers system for your computer.

Extra Features

A computer speaker only has to provide ample sound once it’s connected. However, there are some speakers that provide more features to its users. For one, there are controls not only for the volume but also for the bass and treble. Some speakers even come with a remote control and an auxiliary cable.

In addition, there are speakers that come with a control pod to easily adjust the volume and to power the device. You might even see a mute button or a Bluetooth function for wireless listening. Lastly, there are models with LED lights and a flashlight feature to help you in the dark.


Where are you going to use computer speakers? If you’re going to listen at home, it’s probably a good idea to look for the loudest speakers. You can enjoy watching all weekend long if your speakers have subwoofers and a high watt output.

On the other hand, you might be more comfortable with smaller speakers if it’s for work. It should only be loud enough for your office space — you wouldn’t want others to hear you blaring your music. In fact, you’re better off with desktop speakers that offer more clarity than loudness.


Computer speakers are primarily meant to be used for your PC or laptop. However, it would also be great if you can use it for your other devices. Speakers with different inputs mean that you can also listen on your smartphone, tablet, or even projector.


Q.1 Why are my computer speakers making a buzzing sound?

Ans: There are several reasons why computer speakers produce an irritating sound, which becomes prominent if you are not playing any audio file. Sometimes, the cables and the ports have a loose connection — consider tightening them.

If you move the cable and the buzzing sound stops, you should consider having the cable repaired or replaced. Moreover, devices such as radios and televisions have radio frequencies. These affect the cable transmissions of your computer speakers.

Lastly, you should check the playback device as well. Plug the headphone in your PC port and listen. If there are still buzzing sounds, perhaps the problem is caused by the soundcard of your computer.

Q.2 Is it okay to place my subwoofer close to my computer?

Ans: Some computer speakers include subwoofer to improve the bass and the sub-bass frequencies. However, it’s best to shield your computer by placing the subwoofer at least one feet away. Remember that turning up the volume way too high might cause vibrations that affect the computer hardware.

Q.3 What should I do if no sound is coming out of the desktop or laptop speakers?

Ans: You should check the audio settings. Improper configurations can lead to the sound not playing even if the speakers are already connected to your device. Also, look at the volume control and verify that the sound is not muted.

Moreover, check if there are any other devices connected to the aux input or headphone jack. Having a headset or any device attached to these can prevent the computer speakers from producing sound. If the speakers have sound when connected to a smartphone, the problem might be your computer. 

How To Connect Speakers to a Computer?

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