Best Christmas Lights for 2021

Looking for Christmas lights?

After 18 hours of research and testing different lights, we have found the 10 best Christmas lights for you. Let’s dive in and get the best one for you home.

SpiritUP 100 LEDs Christmas Lights

Best Christmas Lights

The SpiritUp 100-LEDs Decorative Warm Christmas Lights are a well-wired and skillfully put together set of 100 Christmas lights with bulbs that emit a soft white light. A single set of the SpiritUp can cover a large amount of land as the bulbs can be spread over 12 meters of area. A very few numbers of Christmas lights are able to provide as much illumination as the SpiritUp and they generally cost way more as well. You can even reuse these lights easily for functions or any other event that might require lighting.

People who used these lights have really liked the warm and cozy soft light, The SpiritUp 100-LEDs set gives. The USB power plug is also a nice addition along with the lights being extremely lightweight and durable. Another major USP is that the SpiritUp lights only use 5 volts of electricity, in effect saving a lot of money in energy bills, To put it all together, the SpiritUp 100-LEDs Decorative Warm Christmas Lights will be perfect for those who want an ambient, warm glow at low energy costs.


  • Very little energy usage
  • Soft glow
  • The USB plug is handy


  • No adapter in the box
  • Not water-resistant

Holiday Wonderland’s 300-Count – Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

The Holiday Wonderland’s 300-Count Christmas Light Set by Noma/Inliten is a great Christmas light set for a colorful looking decoration in a good quantity and space. These lights can take care of all of your outdoor or indoor decoration responsibilities and you don’t have to waste hours filling up your surroundings. The Holiday Wonderland comes with a vast variety of colors in its arsenal which can add a lot of liveliness and glimmer quite easily. The set of 300 lights is also apt for decorating entire Christmas trees or the porch for your house.

The thing that a lot of users also appreciate is the Holiday Wonderland’s availability to be able to add even more lights very easily if you want. You can add up another set of 150 lights to fulfill whatever your requirements are. 2.5V bulbs and the three-inch spacing between them provide a great aesthetic look which is also helped by its green wire that can blend in with Christmas trees. If you are on the lookout for a simple yet-extensive Christmas light set then the Holiday Wonderland’s 300-Count Christmas Light set is the right choice for you.


  • Variety of colors
  • Perfect to be used with Christmas trees


  • Bulbs burn out in a few months

Zoic 500-LEDs String Christmas Lights

The Zoic 500-LEDs 328-Feet String are best suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Each individual light bulb out of 500 is coated with a waterproof silica gel so as to make them water-resistant and also being sturdy enough to withstand any other environmental damage. This alone makes it one of the very best outdoor LED Christmas lights on this list.

The Zoic comes with 500-LEDs that are arranged by a string design that allows the lights to be hung anywhere you want without any issues. Making different designs on your Christmas trees or your mantelpiece is also quite easy when you have a string design-based Christmas lights such as the Zoic. Another major USP of this product is that it has a power usage of 6 watts even after having 500 individual LEDs connected to each other. The energy efficiency certainly is something people like about these lights a lot. Along with it, the Zoic also offers different settings like combination flickering, waves, etc. As it stands, the Zoic 500-LEDs String Christmas Lights are the easiest and safest option to purchase on this list.


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waterproof silica gel coating
  • 8 different lighting settings


  • Untangling is a hassle
  • The plug is not waterproof

MZD8391 200-LEDs Stay-On Christmas Lights

Looking for some stunning and mesmerizing Christmas Lights? Look no further than the MZD8391 Stay-On that shine in a very beautiful warm white color. While testing and reviewing this product extensively, we were taken in by how good the warm brightness levels are on this 200-LEDs Christmas lights set. The users on major sites like Amazon have also called these lights to be beautiful and they certainly portray a very warm serenity around them. 

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Not only just captivating brightness, but you are also getting high quality durable LED bulbs which are so connected to last for a long time. These lights can also be used both indoor and outdoor as they are not waterproof and thus will be perfect for our porch decoration or for the front yard. Aso, unlike the other lights in the market, the MZD8391 200-LEDs do not get dead if a single bulb goes off. There are also four spare bulbs provided in the package to make sure you are covered. The MZD8391 Stay-On set is an excellent set of high quality, LED lights with vivid color and brightness.


  • Waterproof
  • Beautiful lightning
  • Tangle-proof wires


  • You will probably not find the remote control to be very useful
  • Longevity is an issue

TaoTronics TT-SL036 100-LED Lights

The TaoTronics TT-SL036 Lights offer exceptional performance at a competitive price. The 100-LED light set comes with 33 feet of wire length that is enough for fulfilling the decorative needs of a large area. The TaoTronics is also made from eco-friendly material which is why a lot of users prefer it over other more brighter but non-environment-friendly options. These lights come with a remote control device that allows you to monitor the LED bulbs and also set time for them to lighten up according to your preferences. It also has a simple on/off button among the 24 different ones which ensure you can switch the lights on and off from a distance and also adjust the brightness, patterns and a lot of other features.

When bought online, we found that the TaoTronics 100-LED Lights come with a UL-certified power adapter that has 5 feet of cable wire in addition to 33 feet lightning wire. There is also a 1-year manufacturing warranty that is included with the TaoTronics making it apt for anyone who wants a Christmas light that can be customized to their requirements.


  • 24-button remote control
  • UL-certified power adapter


  • Lights stopped working for a while at some instances

Decute Upgraded 300-LED Christmas Lights

With an IP55 rating and a stunning bright light, the Decute 300-LED Christmas Lights are easily the most complete package on this list. This set is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use thanks to its waterproof nature and also its brightness that can lighten up a large amount of space. Once you are over with the Christmas season, you can use these for other activities like parties, night events, weddings, etc.

The Decute Upgraded 300-LED light is a simple plug and play type of lighting device that has the LEDs joined together in an end-to-end connection with each other. With UL-certified power adapter, you need a maximum of 120V of electric supply as these Christmas lights utilize less power. It’s waterproof and more importantly, shockproof nature is a great feature for those who have small children in their houses as this will not harm their safety. To conclude, the Decute Upgraded 300-LED Christmas Lights are for those who need warm white color light with safety features as an addition.


  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • 100% UL-certified LED light


  • String length is not much long

Maxinda Outdoor LED String Lights – Best Budget Lights

The Maxinda Outdoor LED String Lights are made specifically to add a decorative aspect in their surroundings not just with their luminosity but also with their design. The bulbs on this Christmas light set is constructed in a sort of petal which lends a very nature-esque look to the whole string of lights. The designing and patterns on the bulbs itself ensure that the light emanates those patterns making for eye-pleasing lighting.

Price is also a very good aspect of the Maxinda Outdoor LED as this is a budget-friendly option and these lights can be easily used for a lot of different situations. 50 LEDs which gleam of warm white light can also be easily set up on your fireplace or in the doorway to lighten up the celebrations. The Maxinda is also fire-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof which is the best you can ask for in an outdoor Christmas String Light. Bottom line is that the Maxinda Outdoor LED String Lights are the option to choose if you are looking for artistic Christmas lights set at budget prices.


  • Dustproof, waterproof, and fire-resistant
  • Budget-friendly
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  • Build quality could be better
  • Only 3000 hours of LED lifespan

Wintergreen C9 Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor – Best LED Christmas Lights

C9 Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor LED Light by Wintergreen is one of the best LED Christmas lights out there with a C9 type of design that can fit comfortably both indoors and outdoors. The lifespan of the Wintergreen LED lights is also impressive at 100000 hours and we were particularly impressed with its efficient functioning. The package includes 25 multicolour LED bulbs that emit different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, white, etc. Some users don’t find the highly colorful options right for their decorations, others might love the variety of colors available.

One of the major features is also 3-years warranty services in which you can get your lights fixed or bulbs repaired by the Wintergreen executives. Full-wave technology in the Wintergreen C9 Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor LED Light allows easy assessing and very low energy usage. The Wintergreen Multicolor LED lights are best for those interested in a varied color palette along with energy-efficiency. 


  • 3-years warranty services
  • Full-wave technology
  • Energy star rating


  • Colors might not resonate with some people

PMS 1000-LED Warm White Lights

A whooping 1000 LEDs are present in the PMS Warm White String Lights set. The cable length of 338 feet can very easily cover a huge portion of land and that is why these lights are also used in various marriage ceremonies and other events. For specifically Christmas, you can enjoy the 8 different modes that this light set offers along with its size. The warm white light is in resonance with the look and feel of Christmas is the bulb design of the PMS.

An IP44 rating of the lighting kit states that it is rainproof and can be used without any problems in light or heavy rains. You also get an instruction manual with this light set by which you can install the lights very easily and also ensure its hassle-free working.

The manual also details how you can select the eight different light modes such as waves, sequence, combination, twinkle, flash and more to match with your decorative outlook. Opt for the PMS 1000-LED Warm White String Lights if you have a large area to cover and want a quality lighting kit to do it.


  • IP44 rain-proof
  • Included 1000 LED bulbs


  • Can’t hold high voltage

Noma/Inliten 300-Count Clear Christmas Lights

Best quality Christmas lights is a synonym of the Noma/Inliten 300-Count Clear Christmas Lights. These lights come in a pack of three where each set of 100 lights can be connected to each other and cover a large area or Christmas tree with 300 lights.

The Noma/Inliten Clear lights are made of premium quality plastic and the wires are sturdy enough not to break or splinter. 3 inches of space between a specific LED ensures that you are lighting up all the space that you have covered with the Christmas Lights and more.

As the lights can be detached to smaller sets of 100, you can create decorative designs such as a Christmas tree-lookalike and other stuff. The use of good plastic and quality construction makes sure that there are no loose ends which can lead to contact with electricity. They are durable, easy to untangle, clear, and affordable.


  • Premium quality plastic is used
  • Can be used separately in a smaller set


  • Lights are more yellow than white as mentioned

How to Choose the Best Christmas Lights?

Now that we’ve taken you through our picks of Christmas lights, here are some important factors you should consider before buying one:

Size of the bulbs

Any buying guide on literally any form of Christmas lights would have the topic of bulb size extensively mentioned. This is because although some years ago, large bulbs were all the rage for loud and flashy Christmas celebrations.

But now, the focus has now shifted onto more ambient and aesthetic Christmas decorating. Also, the type of bulb important whether it is incandescent or LED. LED lights have the advantage of being a less risky option with less power usage and noo heat produced but are not as bright as the incandescent ones.

Opt for mini-sized bulbs if you want a shimmering light around your desired area and an oversized one if you want the glow to be visible from far away.

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So, if you are opting for LED Christmas lights or even incandescent ones, brightness is an important issue to keep in mind. There are usually 4 inches to 6 inches of space between two lights in a set so you have to select the brightness level which will cover these areas.

The only exception is when you opt for vintage or low ambience light which is generally not a bright but does provide the required environment settings.


Now, you might get a bit confused as there is a vast variety of Christmas lights colors that you can choose from. Single color light or a set of 100 LEDs to different patterns or rainbow-coloured lights, there is a plethora of patterns and designs you can opt for according to your requirements and household.

Generally speaking, look for colors that are warm like yellow or soft white as these are in-line with the festival and its atmosphere. Though you can also go a different route to stand out from others and make your Christmas stand out as well.

Power Source

The power source is a neglected area of thought when people opt for Christmas lights but comes back to haunt them. If you don’t have the required power source or the source is not near to the place where you are gonna put your lights up, it can be a disability for you in setting them up. 

Lights with electric plugs or outlets are still sturdy where daily plugging and unplugging is necessary.

If you want to avoid that you can choose battery operated lights, lights with timer, solar-powered lights, and even remote-control Christmas lights. Select one according to your budget or convenience so as to only set it up once and for all.


The durability of Christmas lights is important as they have to face adverse environmental conditions like snow or even the ever-threatening Christmas hail. There is quite a difference between the durability of LED versus incandescent Christmas lights. LEDs generally are much more durable and also tend to last much longer than incandescent lights. 

It is also not just the durable functioning but LEDs are also cool in temperature which ensures longevity, encased in a sturdy frame and there is no fragile filament-like in the case of incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also cool and sturdy enough to be safe for pets and kids which can also ensure long-term usage.


The material used in the construction or the finishing of a Christmas light is important to consider for safety and aesthetic reasons. While both LED and incandescent lights are similar in function but there is a difference in the material used.

The material used in incandescent light filament and glass housing makes them cheap but very prone to damage. On the other hand, the use of plastic on the outside of LEDs Christmas lights makes them more sturdy.

Filament and other flimsy materials are also absent in LEDs but you will have to bear higher initial cost due to it.


Water and weather-proof Christmas lights are absolutely necessary for outdoor decoration during Christmas. On the other hand, you generally don’t need to have water-resistance lights for indoor usage.

It is important because of the flow of water over non-waterproof lights can endanger your family to electric risks. If the bulbs of the lights set are specifically designed for outdoor should be alright even in wet water. But those meant for indoor usage, not so much.


It is imperative the quantity or number of lights or sets of lights, you will require to define whatever area you have to cover. This helps in effective choice-making and also the right amount of lights will be available for you to put them up.

It also helps to determine the length of the string of lights you will require and ordering according.

Whether you are hanging lights by your fireplace or on your Christmas tree, the length can help determine how many lights will make the decor look attractive.

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