What is the Best Chipper Shredder? {Reviews 2021}

Struggling with clearing bushes and dead leaves around your house? 

Go for a chipper shredder. With a chipper shredder grinding branches and shredding leaves becomes easier.

Before settling on the best chipper shredder, you need to consider the amount of noise it generates, the size of the machine, power source whether gas or electric and the load it can handle. 

We did our research and came up with a list of 10 top chipper shredders in the market including both gas and electric powered options.

Patriot CSV-3100B Best Wood Chipper

Best Chipper Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-3100B Gas-Powered Wood Chipper and Leaf Shredder is powered by a 10 horsepower engine which powers two blades that chip the twigs and branches. The twigs must be straight for them to fit in the chipping cone. The self-feeding mechanism is convenient and fast, but the blades should be sharpened. If the blades are worn out, you’ll find yourself pushing the branches down the chipping cone. For those who like less noisy engines, you‘ll find the Patriot engine less noisy compared to other brands as it comes with an engine lo-tone muffler which reduces the engine sound during operation. Another good feature is the low oil sensor which automatically shuts off your engine when the oil runs low preventing damage to the engine components.


  • The lo-tone muffler reduces the engine sounds during operation
  • Assembly of the parts is easy
  • It can shred branches with a diameter of 3 inches with its self-feeding mechanism
  • The wheels make it easy to maneuver this shredder on any terrain


  • The shredder hopper is slightly small, it must be fed slowly


We recommend this shredder to large property owners and also for commercial application as the noise levels are a bit low and overall, it’s a powerful shredder for cutting twigs and branches into organic mulch.

Sun Joe CJ602E Electric Chipper Shredder

Sun Joe CJ602E

The Sun Joe shredder/chipper is powered by a 15 amp electric motor capable of delivering cutting speeds of 4300rpm. It will cut your garden twigs and debris into mulch which can be applied to your garden. Its construction is sturdy; making it best suited for small chipping tasks around your garden plus the lightweight design and the wheels makes it easy to move it when in use. The cutting blades are thick and sharp, cutting through your debris and twigs in no time, as long as you don’t shred thicker branches. The motor can handle twigs which are 1 ½ inch in diameter and a safety knob in the motor prevents the engine from operating when it’s loose or open, it’s good to have confidence that you won’t cut your finger in a blink of an eye. The assembly and operation instructions in the manual are easy to understand and follow. 


  • It comes with a full two years warranty on factory defects
  • The pneumatic wheels are good for portability
  • The powerful motor can shred twigs up to 1 ½ inch in diameter
  • The safety knob ensures that you don’t cut your hands accidentally when opening the shredder
  • The operation is quieter than a gas-powered engine


  • You cannot feed crooked branches in the hopper, they have to be straight


We like the fact that the blades are reversible and replaceable, and it takes time until they wear. Don’t feed all twigs at the same time; feed them one by one for the motor to rev back up. It is a great chipper for mulching purposes as the chips resemble sawdust.

Earthquake Tazz K33 Garden Schredder

Earthquake Tazz K33

The Tazz chipper comes with a big 301cc viper gas-powered engine that can shred twigs 3 inches in diameter. There were concerns that the big engine was difficult to pull-start, here is the trick. Place your foot on the kickstand, pull the engine starter rope slowly and once it starts rolling, re-pull the rope again. Most people jerk the start rope-like in lawnmowers, which is a mistake. This shredder comes with a debris bag, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up all the mess. Once the twigs touch the blade, the machine has a self-feeding feature that chews them up without any help. The only problem is that it lacks a flywheel, so if you feed twigs quickly into the hopper, you’ll kill the engine. Remember to wear safety goggles and earmuffs during the shredding/chipping operation.

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  • It comes with a ready to use debris bag for collecting wood chips
  • The assembly is easy and straightforward
  • The viper engine is strong and chips branches 3 inches in diameter
  • The self-feeding mechanism makes it convenient to use when shredding/chipping


  • Don’t feed twigs too fast as it lacks a flywheel in the engine


The debris bag is a great addition as you don’t have to clean up the place after use. It leaves your garden clean and tidy all the time. We highly recommend this shredder/chipper

Yardmax YW7565 Garden Wood Chipper


First, the chipper/shredder is made of durable solid steel so you can be sure of the quality. It is a heavy-duty machine, weighing 226 pounds but it comes equipped with large pneumatic wheels to make moving this weight more manageable. This heavy-duty shredding machine is powered by a 6.5 horsepower gas-powered Briggs & Stratton engine which makes it shred branches up to 3 inches in diameter. Also, a gas-powered chipper/shredder gives you mobility when shredding. One thing that we noticed is the size and thickness of the blades, we think that they can handle bigger branches than what it is indicated in the manual. The large funnel-shaped hopper can accommodate crooked branches and the machine has a self-feeding feature which is good for safety purposes. 


  • The oversized wheels make moving this heavy-duty machine manageable
  • The long funnel-shaped hopper allows you to feed crooked branches to the shredder
  • It comes with a powerful 208cc motor with heavy cutting disks and blades for cutting branches
  • The self-feeding feature does all the work for you as you watch how it performs


  • The deflector chute loosens as the machine vibrates; you need to tighten it before starting the machine.


The YW7565 is a great shredder and chipper as it chews all kinds of branches plus the self-feeding mechanism makes it easy to use when shredding and chipping. 

GreatCircle 7HP Gas Powered Wood Chipper

GreatCircle 7HP Gas Powered

This shredder’s 212cc 7hp engine fires up pretty fast, and the sharp blades shred and chip branches up to a width of 2-3 inches. When the tank is full, which is about 2.8 liters of fuel, you get a solid three-hour operation time, which speaks volumes about its fuel efficiency. The chips are fed directly into a collection bag which is made of sturdy materials; one observation worth mentioning is that you must remove the collection bag before it gets full. Otherwise, the chips will clog the chute and stall the system. The parts can be assembled easily as you only need to assemble the wheels, hopper, and handles and you are good to go. 


  • It is a three in one shredder as you can shred, chip and even mulch twigs and leaves
  • The 7 hp engine cuts branches 3 inches in diameter with ease
  • It comes with a discharge bag for collecting the wood chips making the operation area cleaner
  • Easy to assemble the parts
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  • There were concerns that the crank cord doesn’t retract after using it for some time


Purchasing this shredder gives you value for your money as it is a 3-in-1 product which can shred, mulch and chip your twigs and branches in the garden. 

PowerSmart PS10 Electric Garden Shredder

PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp

The PS10 chipper/shredder is powered by a 120V 15amp electric motor which can reach speeds of 4500rpm when shredding your leaves. These cutting speeds mean that the machine is great for small-medium cleanups in your garden, like cutting leaves and twigs up to 1 ½ inch in diameter. Weighing only 33 pounds, it is a lightweight shredder and you can move it with ease as it comes with pneumatic wheels. One great feature in the PS10 is the safety locking knob in the hopper when the motor is open or loose, this safety knob prevents it from working. The operation is simple and straightforward, feed the twigs in the safety hopper and shred. The shredding process is quieter than when using a gas-powered shredder.


  • The 6-inch pneumatic wheels are great for mobility
  • It can shred branches up to 1 ½ inch in diameter
  • Both lightweight and compact for the task
  • It is easy to maintain and clean the shredder
  • The locking knob is good for safety purposes


  • The electric motor doesn’t match the power of gas-powered engines, making it good for small garden clean-up.


We recommend this shredder to those who have a small garden they want to keep clean and also if you want a quieter operation. Plus the safety features are great additions to this shredder.

Champion Portable Chipper Shredder

Champion 3-Inch

The Champion shredder comes with a 338cc engine which powers the 13.8-inch thick steel blades, these blades give you even and well-chipped chips for disposal or mulching. You can chip and shred twigs up to 3 inches in diameter. The design of this shredder/chipper makes it more upright and good for saving storage space in your garage. It comes with a large debris bag and a chute feed which enable you to collect the chips easily and also keep your working area clean. Another great feature is the 12-inch wheels which make the movement of the shredder easy plus they never go flat.


  • The 13.8-inch steel blades can cut and chip branches 3 inches in diameter
  • The debris collection bag makes cleaning after shredding a breeze
  • The 12-inch tires will never go flat and suitable for any terrain
  • The blades are thick and durable as they are made of hardened steel
  • The upright design reduces the space size needed in storage


  • No self-feeding feature, you have to push the branches in by yourself


The Champion shredder can handle most heavy-duty works as the engine is powerful, and also the debris bag makes chip and mulch collection a breeze. 

Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Wood Shredder

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp

This shredder is generally quiet and good for residential use as the neighbors won’t complain. One explanation for this occurrence is that the motor has a low RPM as it turns at a maximum rpm of 70-80. The blades are made of steel cast making them both durable and efficient while shredding or chipping twigs. The assembly is easier than we thought; all you have to do is to attach 2 nuts for the wheel and axle and 4 nuts for the legs. During operation, you have to cut all deformed branches as they would jam the narrow slot. There is a collection bag for your shredded chips and this feature makes cleaning your lawn a breeze.

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  • It comes with a safety hopper to lock the engine when it’s loose or opened
  • The 7-inch wheels are great for mobility
  • The shredder is extremely quiet while in operation
  • The powerful motor can chip branches up to 1.73 inches in diameter
  • The blades are made of steel cast for added strength and durability


  • You have to pre-process the crooked branches which take time and effort


This shredder is great for residential use as it emits low levels of noise and its self-feeding mechanism saves you the effort. It’s a great purchase.

WEN 41121 Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

WEN 41121 15-Amp

The 15 amp motor can handle branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter if you exceed this limit, the 7-inch blades get clogged and you have to open them before proceeding. We liked the idea of a reversible blade which cuts on both ends, making the shredder very efficient when cutting. Since it comes with sharp blades, the safety mechanism in the motor automatically locks it when the hopper is opened to prevent accidental injuries. Also, the collection bag is a great addition as it helps keep your garden clean by collecting the chips. For mobility, this shredder comes with an on-board push stick and 6-inch pneumatic wheels for ease of maneuverability. 


  • It can shred branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • It comes with two 7-inch cutting blades which are durable and efficient when cutting twigs and branches
  • The collection bag helps keep your garden free from the chips
  • Assembling the parts is easy because of the clear instruction manual


  • The barks clog the blades frequently; you need to shred dry branches to prevent this problem


This shredder is best for those who don’t shred branches frequently as the blade wears out faster with frequent use. 

Landworks Electric Wood Shredder

Landworks Electric Wood Chipper

The polypropylene housing makes this shredder extremely lightweight and the wheels make it mobile when in use. The 1800 watt motor has a shredding capacity of 1.57 inches of wood diameter and it comes with an auto-feed function making the shredding process easier and safe. The motor’s speed-reduction ratios give you higher work efficiency when shredding branches. Plus the shredding operation produces less noise when compared to gas-powered motors. 


  • The hopper lock knob makes it easier to remove the hopper when sharpening or replacing the blades
  • The overload protector button controls the current when the machine is in use
  • The polypropylene housing makes this shredder both durable as it can’t rust and lightweight


  • No collection bag, but you can purchase it separately


This shredder is great for small gardening tasks because it is lightweight and the speed-reduction ratios make the blade efficient when chipping small branches.

Learn how to use a chipper shredder:


Owning a shredder/chipper not only keeps your garden clean and tidy but also provides your flower beds with mulch for optimal growth. The shredders we reviewed are3 budget-friendly and the best in the market. Get yours today by clicking on the link below your favorite product.

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