Best Android Emulator For PC (Windows & MAC)

Android emulators are applications that allow you to download Android apps on computers. It becomes easy for you to download apps as well as gain and have complete control over them.

Here we have the best 11 Android emulators that are ideal for Windows PC and mac. Take a look at them!

Best Android Emulator For PC (Windows & MAC)

Top Android Emulator For PC


This is one of the most popular Android emulators that you can download on your device. The most amazing feature of this app is that it can be easily downloaded on Windows PC as well as Mac.

You can also turn on Eco mode in this Android Emulator and manage your apps easily. It also allows you to run various games and other apps together at once.


The best feature of this Android Emulator is that you can directly use it from Google Chrome.

You just need to install an extension for this Android Emulator and use it directly from your web browser.

Whether you want to download any Android app on your computer or just need to test some applications, this Android Emulator makes it easier for you to do everything.


It is one of the best Android emulators that can work until Android 9. You just have to login into NOX player and use it like Google Play Store.

Like any Android Emulator, you can take screenshots because it also has a toolbar. In addition, it has all similar features to Android Emulator should have.

4. Android Studio

This is one of the best Android emulators, especially for downloading games and other applications. This emulator is one of those applications that can work on the latest Android devices and Windows PC.

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It might take one week or two weeks to learn to use this Android Emulator. But once you get how to use it, it becomes easy for you to customize and set it.

5. Bliss OS

This is one of the most popular and valuable Android Emulators that you can download. There are a total of 3 ways by which you can use it.

The first method is by booting it. Secondly, by installing it through APK links and using it partially with booting. 3rd is by downloading it through an external or virtual machine. There are many Google Apps that are already present in this app.

6. Windows 11.

This is one of the best Android emulators because you can easily download Android apps through this Android emulator on any device.

The best part about installing Windows 11 Android Emulator is that it does not require any weird or additional extensions. It has simple user interference.

7. GameLoop

If you are looking for an Android emulator that is best for downloading games, then the game loop is one of the best options for you.

The installation process is easy you just have to search for the name of the application and click on the download option. Some popular games that can be downloaded through it include Call of Duty, Pubg, etc. 

8.MuMu Player

The best feature about this Android Emulator is that it comes with gamepad features. It is one of the best Android Emulators to download if you want to play and test video games. The installation becomes easier if you have this Android and letter. The controls of these Android emulators are very easy, so you can learn to use them very quickly.

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It can be complicated to install this Android Emulator at first, but once you install it becomes much easier for you to use it. You can also use Google Play Store apps from this Android emulator and many software and applications. It also has features such as gamepad support as well as script recording. 

10.MeMU Play

This is one of the oldest but best Android Emulators to download on your device. The best thing about this Android emulator is that it can work with the latest Android version. It also has a feature where you can conveniently combine the functions of a keyboard and mouse to play games.

11.LDPlayer 9

This Android Emulator is definitely one of the best Android emulators for Gamers. You can download amazing games from this Android Emulator, including other games. The best thing about this Android Emulator is that it has a toolbar from which you can take video screenshots and easily search for your apps. It is very easy to use this Android and let it because it does not have any complicated settings. 


Q1.What’s the best free Android emulator?

BlueStacks and Nox player Android emulators are one of the best and free Android emulators that can be downloaded on computers and laptops.

Q2.Is there a free Android emulator?

There are many free Android Emulators. They are Play Store that you can download and customize yourself other than the ones that are already present on your device. One of the most popular Android Emulators includes bluestacks.

Q3.What is an Android emulator?

An Android emulator is a third-party Play Store that you can download from your web Browser. An Android emulator works like Google Play Store, but it extends your choices and customization.

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Q4.Why do people use Android emulators?

There are many reasons for using Android emulators. One of the most fundamental reasons is to download applications on devices like Windows PC or Mac, which don’t have any Google Play Store.

Q5.What is the purpose of an emulator?

You can test third-party applications for free from Android emulators. These applications are free, and they do not require any adjustment or additional software to install with. This is because they offer you a variety of applications and software.

In a nutshell

The easiest option to have all updates and features of Android apps is through Android emulators. It is very easy to use Android emulators on computers. It also allows you to play games because it can come by its keyboard and mouse controls. Just install them once, and you are half done.

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