About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read below to know how we started our journey.




Our story

Whenever we go and buy a product online, we try to find the best according to our needs. That’s where Consumers Base comes into your life. 

Consumers Base is an initiative taken by Consumers like YOU. We wanted to create a platform which have unbiased product reviews.  Something which really solves the problem for the consumer. 

We have a vision to become your ultimate source whenever you plan to buy a product. 

We wanted to do things differently. We planned to make a team of people who are experts and can give unbiased reviews to our readers. 

We reached out to experts in different categories and built our team. Now we have fitness experts for fitness products, Qualified Chef for Kitchen Products and so on. 

Apart from reviews, we have a consumer’s guide section available for you. Here, we have written in-depth guides in different categories.  Explore and let us know How we are doing !!